I Don’t Like Mondays

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Gravedigger & Mitchell from 2013's Gravedigger novel. Art by Will Meugniot
Gravedigger & Mitchell from 2013’s Gravedigger novel. Art by Will Meugniot

It’s hard to believe that February is almost over… this year is truly going fast! March 1 will be the deadline for Pulp Ark voting so if you made your nominations (and, if you didn’t, why didn’t you?), you should have received an email from Tommy Hancock, detailing how to complete the final ballot. You don’t have to vote for me (though I appreciate it if you do) but do get those votes in. I fully support the Pulp Ark Awards, as they give the fans a chance to celebrate the New Pulp field that we all love.

I track the hits for this site daily, seeing what works and what doesn’t. To be honest, a lot of times it feels like a crap-shoot — I’ll post a fiery, blistering blog about something that I’m passionate about… and get zilch in the way of hits. I post a link to a funny cat video or something and I get a gazillion! LOL I will say that my hits for this month are going to end up being down about 1,500 from January. Why? The absence of the New Pulp Bestsellers List, which seemed to be the only reason some folks were visiting the site. While I hate to lose that traffic (my hope was that some of those folks were also sticking around for some of my other posts), I do love having my Monday mornings free. So I wish All Pulp well with the continued posting of their list!

I’m still having a blast writing Lazarus Gray Volume 4 — it’s so weird being so far ahead, though. I’m about to wrap up the end of the trilogy that will comprise books 2-4 and you guys haven’t even seen the middle part yet! It’s coming soon, though, and maybe I can convince Pro Se to sneak Volume 4 out there before the end of 2013. We’ll see….

Currently reading “The Shadow’s Rival,” an old Shadow novel from 1936. Just finished Mat Nastos’ newest and you’ll be seeing my review of that one in a few days.

I downloaded the Ghost Boy book from Airship 27 and will be giving that a look soon.

Our art today is by Will Meugniot and comes from Gravedigger, which should be out a month or two! I think you’ll really like Sovereign’s newest hero. It feels like I’ve been teasing it forever but soon you’ll be able to hold it in your hands or download it for your eBook reader.

I promise!

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