The Lazarus Gray “Epic” Storyline

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mellisaclarke_glamourWelcome to another Sunday installment of Ye Olde Blog. I’m feeling pretty excited about upcoming projects and releases so I’m going to gush a bit today — bear with me.

I’m still sprinting towards the finish line on Lazarus Gray Volume Four and I’m prepping myself for the onslaught of publicity that will accompany the release of both Lazarus Gray Volume 3 and the first book in the Gravedigger series. I still don’t for 100% certain which one of those will be coming out first but I think my publisher is leaning towards Gravedigger. Either way, I think you’re going to really love these books — definitely the high point of my New Pulp writing career, I believe.

And when you get to the second story of Volume Four of Lazarus Gray and see how books 2-4 all fit together… I think some of you will be hurrying back to Die Glocke to verify that all the clues were there.

But they were, trust me! The sprawling story that spreads across Volumes 2-4 is so big, I’m honestly not sure where I’ll go from there. I’ll definitely take a little time to focus on other projects (like Tales of The Rook Volume 2 and Gravedigger Volume 2) before I return to Lazarus, so I’ll have awhile to think it over. I’m still stunned sometimes to realize that I’ve written six volumes of The Rook (not counting the anthologies) and I’m now wrapping up work on the fourth book of Lazarus Gray… Lazarus will have caught up to The Rook before too long! I suspect I’ll continue to be thought of as “The Rook guy” for awhile longer, though. That’s where I initially made my name, after all — and there are still a number of fans who prefer Max Davies to Lazarus Gray.

We’ll see how they feel about Charity Grace in a few months! Hopefully Gravedigger will become just as popular as my other two ongoing series have proven to be. The lovely lady who accompanies this post is one of the real-life models who inspired my take on Gravedigger’s physical appearance. The character’s costume (which I’ve shown here on the blog in the past) was designed to be functional and yet visually very different from both Lazarus & The Rook. I think George did an awesome job in designing it and Will Meugniot (who did the interior pieces for the book) really depicted it well.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!


  1. Oh, I can’t wait! I’ve been dying for the next Lazarus Gray to come out and with all the bits you’ve been giving out about Gravedigger really makes me want to check it out. I can’t wait to see when they’ll be released because when they do and they’re available on Kindle I’m buying the hell out of them!

    1. April will be a year since I randomly found Vol.1 of Lazarus Gray and it turned out to be one of my favorite reading experiences of 2012. So believe me, knowing more is on the way is very exciting, especially since I’m eager to see what Murder Unlimited brings to the table.

      That and the cover to Gravedigger is intriguing enough that I want to check it out.

      So bring them on!

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