DaveStevens_JonnyQuest#5_1986_100It’s another episode of our Saturday Matinee series! Every Saturday, I post a link to a movie or short feature that you can watch right here in your browser! If you have an idea for something that I can share with others, drop me a line!

This week, we have the first two episodes of Jonny Quest — including the pilot episode, which is before they added Hadji! I used to love this cartoon and still think it’s one of the greatest adventure shows ever. With a heavy pulp influence, I think it’s well worth your time — whether you’re viewing it with nostalgic eyes or for the very first time!



  1. Johnny Quest remains one of my fondest childhood memories.
    The music alone brings back a lot of the wonder I felt, sitting on the floor, watching thos cartoons.
    (which means I was sort of marked by pulp and SF at an early age, I guess).
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That Dave Stevens cover may be the best thing to ever come out of the original Jonny Quest IMHO. Never much cared for the original show, though I did like the late 90s reboot (and its Dark Horse tie-in comic.) Probably because I would rather watch the Herculoids or Space Ghost if I’m going old school Hanna Barbera.

  3. So the entire series came out on 3 sets of DVD’s a few years back. I watched them all with my kids, and they are still every bit as good as I rember. It was a trend seting series.

  4. Jonny Quest is Ground Zero for everything that came later in my life as a writer. The Beatnik Spy series is basically Jonny Quest for grownups. It’s too bad little boys don’t have anything as cool as this today. My fave episode: the evil scientist in the volcano with a pet Pteranodon.

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