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lg_v3_temple_smallWelcome back! I hope that all of you are having a good day so far — I expect a busy one on my end, so I’m trying to get a lot of things done early in the morning.

I posted The Shadow Fan Episode 20 earlier today so if you’re a fan of pulp’s greatest hero, you can start downloading that one. I spend a lot of time going over Dynamite’s plans for their Shadow books shipping in May 2013 before delving into a couple of novel reviews — I hit 1936’s “The Gray Ghost” and 1945’s “The White Skulls.” As always, it’s fun to chat about The Shadow!

Just started reading through Adam Garcia’s submission for Tales of The Rook Volume Two and it already looks like another winner. I think you guys will really enjoy this book.

It was announced yesterday that the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention will have its first dedicated slate of New Pulp programming. While I won’t be in attendance, I really wish I could be because I think this is a big deal. A lot of the classic pulp crowd have been very slow to embrace New Pulp, not showing any interest in the new heroes and only a grudging interest in new stories featuring the classic characters. I can understand preferring one over the other but I find it strange the folks who say “I haven’t read all the old stuff yet. I don’t have time for this new stuff.” I read new stories & classic tales in equal amounts.

Anyway, I think it’s great that Windy City is recognizing the growing force that is New Pulp. We’re all fans of the original material and we have far more in common than we do in differences.

Pulp Ark voting ends on March 1 so if you got the email telling you that you were eligible to vote, please do so. I would certainly appreciate your votes but even if you decide to vote for others, get those votes in! It’s a good thing to recognize excellence and there’s certainly a lot of that in the New Pulp community.

Our art today comes from The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three and is by the amazing George Sellas. What’s going on in that dusty old temple? Stay tuned….


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