gorgeous-mellisa-clarkeWelcome to another day at ye olde blog. The big news for the morning is that a new episode of Ubergeeks has been uploaded so if you enjoy hearing Cari & I talk about every geeky topic under the sun, you’re in luck. This is our 43rd episode so we’re slowly making our way towards the big 5-0. Maybe we’ll do something special for that one.

Made good headway on Lazarus Gray Volume Four yesterday. I’m now approaching 54,000 words on the book and I think I’ve got a real firm grasp on where the story is going to go from here, though the very, very end could go in a couple of different ways. I’m not sure if I want a relatively happy ending or a downer ending, lol. A similar thing happened with Volume Two, when I came *this* close to killing Morgan Watts & crippling Eun Jiwon. My plan was to remove two members from the active team and replace them with Jakob and Abby. In the end, I decided that I didn’t want to shake up Assistance Unlimited quite so much, so the team simply expanded. If I had stuck to my guns, it would have led to the group being more like a ‘suicide squad’ of sorts where the reader never knew who was going to make it out of each adventure alive and I’d be shuffling in new people on a regular basis. I really like the family aspect of the series, though, and decided that I wanted to grow old with Samantha, Eun & Morgan… so I made the creative decision to avoid killing them. You can let me know if you think it was a good one — especially after you see what happens to the newly expanded crew in Volume Three!

I’ll be recording a new episode of The Shadow Fan tomorrow and while I’m still deciding what all I’m going to cover, I do know I’ll be reviewing The Gray Ghost, a classic novel involving an apparently-supernatural foe. If you have any novels or comics that you’d like to hear me discuss, drop me a line and I’ll add them to the queue.

Some folks have asked how I choose the images that go with each blog entry. Well, sometimes it’s obvious (I would think) — when I’m talking about a specific book or character, I’ll use an image that is appropriate. Sometimes I just choose something that’s thematically linked — my Monday post felt kind of contentious to me, so I used an image of pop star Robbie Williams in a fighting pose. And some days, I just use a picture that I like — such as today. Our model here looks a bit thoughtful and maybe somewhere in between melancholy and inviting… which is pretty much my mood at the moment.

All of that is a long way of saying that I use pictures that A. I like and B. feel emotionally appropriate to me at the time. Plus, if it’s a pretty girl, there’s nothing wrong with that! 😉

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