Lazarus Gray Volume 3… the countdown begins NOW!

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LG3_cover_small_mockupSo I managed to sneak in a little bit of writing on Lazarus Gray yesterday – the first time in a few days that I’d been able to do that. I’d love to say that I have all the time in the world for my writing but, of course, that would be a lie. I have a day job, a family to spend time with and on occasion I like to relax, as well. All of that conspires to take time away from my writing — but I do want to get these stories out of my heart & mind, so I drag myself back to the keyboard on a regular basis. I’m making good headway on the current story and still think I can finish this before the end of February. I like to think that this fourth volume will complete a story that began in earnest with volume two — books 2-4 will really have to be read as one big, sprawling story. Hopefully, I’ll pull it off in a way that is satisfying for the fans of the series.

But before you get to read Volume Four, I suppose you’d like to check out the third book in the series, right? Well, The Adventures of Lazarus Gray: Volume Three is headed your way in just a matter of weeks, really. You’ll witness a global hunt for a demonic skeleton, the downfall of a hero, the debuts of The Darkling and Eidolon, werewolves & monsters… and a finale that will take your breath away! All of that, PLUS… the debut of Murder Unlimited!

It’s a book jam-packed with action and it’s all accompanied by a beautiful cover and a handful of stunning interiors illustrations, all courtesy of George Sellas!

Any guesses as to which member of Assistance Unlimited is going to trek down a dark path and become the anti-hero known as Eidolon?


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