Barry Reese

Pulp Writer Extraordinaire

Today we’re watching Constant Payne’s pilot episode — this was a very pulpy series that Nickelodeon passed on because of some lingering post-9/11 fears in the United States. There are strong anime, steampunk and pulp influences here and I think it’s worth a look. Too bad that Nickelodeon passed on this!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee

  1. whalehugger says:

    Wow! They really let a gem get away from them. Tight story telling, nice world to build up on, pulp matched with steampunk. Too bad they decided against it. Loved the Lester Dent High School. Nice tip of the hat to the pulps.

  2. Nick Ahlhelm says:

    It’s creator’s pedigree in comics — and his history of lying — might have worked against it as well. While he does have some TV credits now, Wright may be the kind of guy better left on a writing team rather than having his name right out front.

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