Barry Reese

Pulp Writer Extraordinaire

gravedigger_cover_low_res_cropped_with_copyComing your way in just a couple of months, Gravedigger will be the third “major” player in my pulp universe, joining The Rook and Lazarus Gray in headlining a series. Gravedigger was born and raised in one of Sovereign City’s roughest areas and her birth is directly tied to the past of an Assistance Unlimited member.

Charity Grace grew up doing whatever it took to survive. Hers was a spirit burdened by the sins of her actions.

Scarcely into her early twenties, she had already been hardened by life… and then she broke into the wrong house.

Suddenly faced with a power beyond death, Charity is offered a choice: accept oblivion and an eternity in Hell, or become the first woman to bear the mantle of a Gravedigger, an ancient cult of warriors who serve a mysterious entity known only as The Voice.

Charity’s task, she is told, is to shovel dirt upon the graves of the guilty. She has three years to purify her soul, three years before she is faced with final Judgement.

Can a woman whose new life is steeped in blood and murder find redemption?

And how will the other heroes of Sovereign react to the rising body count that she leaves behind?

Featuring a character design and full-color cover by George Sellas, Gravedigger will make her debut soon! Interior art on the book will be by comics and animation legend Will Meugniot!

3 thoughts on “Gravedigger: New Pulp’s Deadliest Hero

  1. whalehugger says:

    She sounds pretty interesting. I’ll have to check her out.

  2. Jacob Malcolm Gore says:

    Are we going to see Marvel Superheroic RPG stats?

  3. Jacob, you will once the book is out — I don’t want to give anything away before then. Some things might be “spoiled” by the stats 🙂

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