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pulp_lovelyIt’s the start of a new week and I’m dedicating myself to making a lot of progress on Lazarus Gray Volume Four. I’m just over 50,000 words into the book and I definitely want to wrap it up before the end of the month. Given the Pro Se schedule, you probably won’t see Volume Four until sometime in 2014 but I do love being ahead of schedule. Speaking of which, Volume Three should see print in either March or April of 2013 — they’re not sure if they’re going to roll out Gravedigger first or the next Lazarus. If you have an opinion, let me know. I asked this question on Twitter and got only one response – they voted for Gravedigger to come out first.

Received a nice royalty check from Pro Se in the mail this weekend — definitely puts a spring in my step as it was more than I was expecting! I love feedback and so forth but I have to confess — occasionally getting money for one’s efforts is also quite nice 😉

Finished reading “The Star of Delhi” this weekend, a classic Shadow novel from 1941. I’ll be reviewing that and The Shadow # 9 (Dynamite Comics) on this week’s episode of The Shadow Fan. Good feedback so far on the Calling Burbank segment by Tommy Hancock, though some people have reported a 30 second portion where Tommy’s voice is overlaid on itself. I’ve listened all the way through multiple times and haven’t heard this — so perhaps it’s something I did when mixing the files together. If so, I apologize and will take extra precautions next time!

Just started The Fifth Assassin by Brad Meltzer. Some of this author’s books I really love, some I really… don’t. But this one brings back the main character from one of my favorite Meltzer books (The Inner Circle) so I’m excited to see where it leads.

The Walking Dead returned to TV last night and it was a good episode though I hate how batshit crazy Rick has become. When the show started, the image of him as the lone lawman in a world that had lost its way was very strong to me. I loved seeing him on horseback riding into Atlanta, standing for the old ways of law and order. But over time, he’s become a jerk and a nutcase — it’s almost like the writers are afraid to have a truly heroic character in the midst. In the name of “reality,” everybody has to have their morals ground down into the dirt. Now, I stopped reading the comic book after about 20 issues so I’m sure this portrayal of Rick is in keeping with how Robert Kirkman sees him — but for me, as a viewer, I’m disappointed. I still love the show but my favorite characters are Daryl, Maggie and Glenn. Rick… Ugh. I’d be okay with him taking off and joining his wife in the great beyond.

Reaction continues to be strong to the New Pulp Recommendation feature that I do on Fridays now — I’ve read so much great New Pulp that the only problem I have is picking just one each week!

The lovely lady adorning this blog post isn’t anyone in particular — she’s just lovely and is dressed appropriately for the pulpy time period I favor. Enjoy!




  1. Rick in the comics goes through a phase where he loses it a bit, but they are definitely overdoing it a bit on the show, almost overplaying the part.

  2. After the events of the farm everybody has apparently gone batshit. Except for Daryl who to me has actually gotten more and more likeable and more morally centered the longer the series goes.

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