lazarus_testI can see the weekend, getting ever closer…! While I wish I was a full-time writer, I have a day job that keeps me pretty busy. I do love it but it’s sometimes hard to drag myself into the office. I’m sure most of you can sympathize. It’s hard to sit down to do paperwork when I really want to be running down the rain-slicked streets of Sovereign with Lazarus Gray or Gravedigger. Maybe after somebody makes that Rook movie, I’ll be able to retire and commit to writing pulp 24/7. Hollywood, give me a call!

People sometimes ask me if I’d insist on maintaining control over the properties if they were translated into film or television. To be honest, I’d love to be able to do that but I wouldn’t make it a deal-breaker. As long as I retain rights over the print versions, I’m fine with another version of the character being different from my vision. I think that a strong character can survive multiple interpretations and sometimes even emerge the stronger for it. Take Batman for instance — I like the grim ‘n gritty version… but I also love the Adam West incarnation. I really dug The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller but I also enjoy the current Scott Snyder stuff *and* liked the Brave and the Bold cartoon. There’s room for all types of things with good characters. I could see a cartoon version of Lazarus Gray, aimed at the Ben 10 crowd, for instance. I could also see it done as an R-rated feature film.

Anyway, long story short – I’m here and I can be bought, lol.

The 18th episode of The Shadow Fan will be uploaded later this morning so keep checking my Twitter feed or Facebook page. It’s a really packed episode and think you guys will enjoy it.

Today we have the first image of Lazarus Gray, drawn by Anthony Castrillo. You’ll note that this is not quite how he ended up — I immediately nixed the mask and a few other details that made him look far too much like The Rook. It was still a strong image and some of this was eventually incorporated into the final design. I’m just posting it as a historical curiosity and to show you how things can evolve over time.

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