mellisa_clarke_waterDidn’t write anything this weekend but that’s okay — it’s good to take some time to recharge the batteries every now and then. I did watch the Super Bowl and enjoyed the outcome, since I was pulling for the Ravens.

I also got a lot of reading done — and if you’re not reading X-O Manowar and the other books from Valiant, you’re really missing out. A tightly cohesive universe that’s well-written with amazing art. Highly recommended. I also read Mars Attacks the Transformers and it was hilarious!

Still waiting on the Pulp Ark Nominations to be released but it should be any day now. I thought it was going to be Friday but I think they wanted to avoid releasing their nominations on the same day as the Pulp Factory. Hopefully you guys took part in the nomination process since only those who made nominations get to vote on the final ballot!

There was some great reaction to my first New Pulp Recommendation column — I’ll try to do those every Friday and I already have one in mind for this week. Hopefully it will translate into a few new sales for those books that I spotlight.

Two stories are in for Tales of The Rook Volume Two and two more expected to be delivered within the next couple of weeks. So if you’ve been missing Max Davies and his friends, you can expect a return flight from The Rook later this year.

All Pulp has taken over responsibility for the New Pulp Bestsellers List and it’s supposed to debut today — as I write this, it’s not up yet but you can head over to their website and count down the minutes and hours until it is. I’ll be looking for it, too! Curious to see what improvements they come up with.

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