Saturday Matinee

The_Shadow_Knows_by_E_MannHere’s a link to the entire The Shadow Strikes (1937) film — you can watch it right now by simply clicking the play button below. The Shadow’s first film incarnation isn’t a great movie but it’s of interest to you if you’re a fan of classic pulp and/or The Shadow, I think. I’m going to try and find more special treats to share with you on Saturdays for the near future.


  1. Actually, this wasn’t “The Shadow’s first film incarnation.” The Shadow had previously appeared as host-marrator of six Universal two-reelers beginning with “Burglar to the Rescue” (1931), which arrived in movie theaters while the second issue of THE SHADOW was still on newsstands. The earliest surviving performance by “The Shadow,” predating the earliest known surviving radio episodes by six years, is particularly notable because it features Frank Readick as The Shadow, reprising his radio role from Street & Smith’s DETECTIVE STORY MAGAZINE HOUR. You can find an article on the 1931-32 Shadow “filmettes” at my website.

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