New Pulp Links (Updated 1/29/13)

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lg_v3_temple_smallThere are a lot of great New Pulp-oriented blogs out there and it’s easy to miss many of them. So here’s a few that I think might be of interest to my own readers. If you know of a blog that I’m not listing here, let me know!

Airship 27 – One of the largest New Pulp publishers out there.

All Pulp – Like the New Pulp blog but a bit more news release-heavy.

Bad Girls, Good Guys and Two-Fisted Action – Author Sean Taylor provides a nice mix of interviews and essays.

The Black Centipede – Chuck Miller’s New Pulp hero is one of the most intriguing out there and this site keeps you informed of all his doings.

Bobby Nash, Writer @ Large – A promotional website for author Bobby Nash.

Coming Attractions — The # 1 place to find out out everything pulp-related that’s out there. You’ll be amazed though your bank account may not survive the experience.

Dillon – Everybody’s favorite New Pulp hero and his creator (Derrick Ferguson) are featured on this site.

Fortress of Pulpitude – Geek Syndicate’s look at all things New Pulp.

Hidden Face Crime Fiction – Michael Famiglietti’s pulp fiction, interviews, reviews & commentary!

Ideas Like Bullets — Infrequently updated, this blog has plenty of author Tommy Hancock’s views about New Pulp.

InterroBang – Duane Spurlock’s blog, where he keeps everybody abreast of his upcoming work.

Mechanoid Press – A new publisher on the scene, established in 2012.

New Pulp Fiction – A great catch-all site that features news releases, reviews and columns.

The Nocturne Travel Agency – Tom Deja has been spending a lot of time recently talking about his newest work, The Shadow Legion. Good stuff.

Pro Se Press — Home of my own Reese Unlimited imprint.

Pulp Cosmic – Van Plexico’s newest blog focuses on a sub-genre of a sub-genre: cosmic-flavored pulp fiction!

Pulp Empire – A growing publisher of New Pulp

Pulp Fiction Reviews – Author Ron Fortier does a lot of New Pulp reviews on this site and he always has great points to make.

Runemaster Studios – Mike Bullock has written many of the classic adventure heroes and now he’s moving into New Pulp with characters like Xander!

Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker – Jim Beard’s ghost-busting hero is featured here, with serialized adventures and more.

Wild Cat Books — One of the oldest New Pulp publishers.

Wrapped Up Like A Blog – The personal blog of author R.P. Steeves

Go and spread the New Pulp love!

The art accompanying this post comes from Lazarus Gray Volume 3 & is by the talented George Sellas!

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