Friday’s Here!

rook_v2_cover_mock_up_smallIf you’re like me, the arrival of the weekend is considered a good thing — it offers a chance to unwind and hang out with the family, get some reading done and momentarily forgetting the stresses of work. Friday is also a time when I can look over some of my writing responsibilities and get a sense of what’s working, what’s not working and what I never should have agreed to do in the first place! Here’s an update on various projects that I’ve talked about in recent months:

Gravedigger – In the hands of the folks at Pro Se. Should be out for sale in March or April.

Lazarus Gray Volume 3 – See Gravedigger.

Lazarus Gray Volume 4 – I’m about 47,000+ words into the writing of this right now.

The Rook Special Edition Volume 2 – See Lazarus Gray Volume 3. And Gravedigger. Should be out for sale in May, though. The cover mockup is here with this post. George Sellas did a great job on it!

The Rook Special Edition Volume 3 – George Sellas is working on the cover and interiors now.

G-8 and His Battle Aces – Moonstone has approved it, not sure when it will see print.

The Avenger – My newest Avenger story will be out in The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible, due out in April from Moonstone.

The Phantom Detective – Started on this story but got sidetracked by Lazarus Gray.

Sherlock Holmes – I’m supposed to do this for Pro Se… Maybe I can get started once Lazarus 4 is in the can.

The Rook – I need to do a short story for Tales of The Rook Volume 2 – I have an unfinished Claws of The Rook tale that’s been sitting in my Dropbox account for quite awhile. Maybe dust that off and complete it for this?

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