headphones01As we head into the weekend, I have a few quick things that I wanted to share:

Finished off an editing job for Radio Archives yesterday. They’ve been sending me lots of weird horror lately and I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed some of them. Not the kinds of pulps I would have sought out on my own but they’ve been great fun.

Closing in on 50,000 words on Lazarus Gray Volume 4 — I’m currently writing a scene where Lazarus is fighting a giant monster in the African jungle. How sweet is that? Gotta love pulp.

Reaction to The Shadow Fan Podcast continues to be great — I really enjoy doing the show and having the opportunity to promote pulp’s greatest crime-fighter. The most recent episode (# 16) featured my rant about the need for new Shadow novels, a review of “The Wasp Returns” and Rick Lai’s “Chronology of Shadows”, as well as a look at Dynamite’s upcoming comics for April 2013.

Big news coming about the Bestseller either later today or tomorrow — hopefully you guys will like it.

Below you’ll find a tribute to one of my all-time favorite movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark. You just don’t get any better than Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood!

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