mellisa_clark_unmaskedThings continue to hop along for the Reese Unlimited imprint, as we gear up for for several months’ worth of new releases soon. I had a nice email conversation with George Sellas yesterday, catching up with what the future schedule looks like. George has been so essential in defining the looks of Gravedigger, Lazarus Gray and The Rook… combined with the design work of Sean Ali and the entire imprint has been very solid in appearance.

I’m closing in on 47,000 words on Lazarus Gray Volume Four and it’s going swimmingly. Once I’m done with that, I need to start really looking at the Sherlock Holmes digest I’m supposed to write for Pro Se. I also need to decide if I want to start on Gravedigger 2 soon or maybe even do something totally unrelated to my little pulp universe. Suggestions or requests are welcome.

Haven’t heard any feedback about the Liberty Girl book from the Heroic Publishing side of things. I know that Pro Se likes it so if Heroic does, too, then we’re good to go. If they don’t… might be more rewrites at some point. I’m hoping for the former.

On the podcasting front, episode 42 of Ubergeeks went live the other day and episode 16 of The Shadow Fan was uploaded today. So get your downloads going! I got a little opinionated on this week’s Shadow Fan – probably more than I should have done. But I am passionate about The Shadow and couldn’t help myself.

Continuing my slow immersion into Judge Dredd — I’m about to read the entire Necropolis storyline, which I’m really excited about. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out!

Stay tuned for an announcement in the next day or two concerning the New Pulp Best Seller List.

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