My Favorite Comics of the Moment

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allnewxmen_5_coverEveryone knows I love comics just as much as I love pulp novels. So what are my current faves? Read on! The list is broken down by publisher, ’cause I roll like that.

Note: I actually buy more than just these titles… but these are my favorites.

DC Comics
Green Lantern
Worlds’ Finest
Legion of Super-Heroes

Marvel Comics
Scarlet Spider
Iron Man
Uncanny Avengers
All-New X-Men
Superior Spider-Man

Mars Attacks
Judge Dredd

X-O Manowar

Abstract Studios
Rachel Rising

The Shadow

Not out yet but I’m looking forward to: The Shadow Year One, Judge Dredd Year One

What are you guys reading?


  1. Out of those, I am reading Superior Spider-Man, Uncanny Avengers, Judge Dredd and Rachel Rising. Superior is the first Spider-Title I have ever read. I will probably dump it when Peter Parker comes back, but I like the idea of it. Not too sure about Uncanny Avengers. I will stop reading Terry Moore’s self penned comics when I’m dead and Dredd… is Dredd. πŸ™‚

    I have just added two others to my pull list: SAGA and REVIVAL. I picked up the trades out of curiosity and in the case of SAGA, stopped after two chapters, added it to my pull list and went right back to reading. If you like Rachel Rising, you might like REVIVAL.

    As for DC… no comic of theirs has kept me interested for more that a couple of issues. I will pick up the trades for Batwoman but that’s about it.

  2. I totally agree with your recommendations for BLOODSHOT and JUDGE DREDD. I’m also reading GODZILLA and FATALE (though what I really want from Mr. Brubaker is another CRIMINAL series) and have been a longtime DAREDEVIL reader.

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