Howard Chaykin's The Shadow
Howard Chaykin’s The Shadow

Episode 15 of The Shadow Fan Podcast is now live! This time around, I review another episode of the classic radio series and then dive into a spirited talk about “The Devil’s Paymaster” and its impact on the epic Prince of Evil series. It’s definitely one of the high points of The Shadow’s history so if you’re unfamiliar with the Prince of Evil stuff that was written by Theodore Tinsley, I encourage you to find the stories & then enjoy my discussion of them. You can find reprints n the Sanctum reprints, volumes 60-63 and I talk about the various novels in Episodes 3, 7, 12 & 15.

Still loving the work I’m doing on Lazarus Gray Volume Four. I’m now over 44,000 words into the book and I think it will be another great entry into the series. I really love Lazarus & his allies — so many great story possibilities and I can see many more down the line. That’s when I know something is really good — when just thinking about the characters, entire novel ideas spring forth. I know I’ll never get to them all so there’s obviously something special there.

I tweeted last night that I’m not sure which I’m more excited about you seeing in print — Gravedigger of Lazarus Gray Volume 3. That’s true. Both are the best things I’ve written so far and both feature incredible work by artist George Sellas, with Will Meugniot also chipping in with some gorgeous interior work on Gravedigger. They’re going to look fantastic and I think you’ll enjoy the stories, too.

Currently reading Helmet Head by Mike Baron. I’m really enjoying it, as it feels very “grindhouse.” I’ve liked Mike’s work in comics quite a bit (especially Nexus & The Flash) so I fully expected to enjoy this prose story and I have. I’ll post a full review when I’m finished.

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