Wednesday Chatter

keanuPushing hard towards the 50,000 word mark on Lazarus Gray Volume Four. I think this book is going to be a good one! I think it might be a little funny if I can finish Volume Four before Volume Three is even published. I know that people still think of The Rook first when it comes to my New Pulp work but I think that eventually Lazarus Gray will take that spot in their minds — I like to think it’s more polished and well-crafted. Gravedigger Volume One rocked and as I add to that character, hopefully she’ll move up to really make it a triumvirate of characters that I’m known for.

Yesterday was the last day to make nominations for the Pulp Ark Awards so I hope everyone managed to get their emails in. I’ve been honored to win a couple of awards in the Pulp Ark voting in the past but this year, anything can happen. There are so many New Pulp books out there, being done by so many talented writers & artists that I expect a lot of close races and maybe some new folks picking up awards for the first time. I’m really hoping that George Sellas will get recognized for his work on the Lazarus Gray series, though — George is amazingly wonderful to work with and he routinely makes my books some of the best-looking on the market.

Over on the Pulp Factory list, Ron Fortier unveiled the list of short stories that have been nominated for their awards. Now, I’ve never done well in those awards, which are voted upon by Pulp Factory members only. In order to become a PF member, you have to be nominated by another member and then Ron has to approve you. Then you have the right to nominate and vote on whatever you want. I’d estimate at least 90% of the list are writers for Airship 27 and the awards conform to the same rules for stories that Airship 27 has: namely, that only stories set prior to 1940 or in the far future are eligible. Thus, most of The Rook series would not be eligible, for instance, given that they’re set in the 1940s. Anyway, in this year’s awards, I noted that I wasn’t nominated at all in the short story category — even though, for instance, every other story besides mine in Monster Aces got a nod. I found this a bit strange — even the year I won Best Author in the Pulp Ark Awards, I wasn’t even on the final ballot at the PF Awards. Now, with the Pulp Ark Awards, anybody can vote. Anybody.

I seem to do a lot better when the fans are given a say and it’s not more of an “industry” award (I call the PF ones that because they’re almost entirely voted upon by writers). That’s why I push for the Pulp Ark Awards — they’re for the people who read New Pulp. That’s not to say that folks on the PF list aren’t doing that but I’ve found that in the writing community, there are a lot of people who talk up other books or writers when they don’t really read them. And since the guidelines for the awards match up exactly with what Airship 27 publishes and almost everyone on the PF list is published by Airship 27, it’s not surprising that Airship 27 usually cleans up at those awards. I don’t think there’s any conspiracy afoot — it’s just the way it’s set up leads to that result more often than not.

Tomorrow I’ll be recording a new episode of The Shadow Fan so stay tuned for that! We’ll be talking about “The Devil’s Paymaster” which is the final book in Theordore Tinsley’s Prince of Evil series.

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