Hump Day Happenings

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goth_girlSo the past few days have been interesting. I finished off an editing job for Radio Archives, took some big steps towards finishing off the Liberty Girl project, received a lot of awesome goodies from Tommy Hancock in my email and then got some very exciting news about the potential Rook animated project! Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the news yet but keep your fingers crossed ’cause it could be really, really cool!

I’ve been considering doing something new soon — something very “un-pulp.” I’ve thought about working more on the Rabbit Heart sequel but I think I might want something completely original. We’ll see. It’s nothing very clear yet, more just a desire than an idea.

In other news, I’ve been reading several Judge Dredd things lately and really enjoying them. Judge Death has very quickly moved into my list of all-time favorite villains. Death has such a simple origin and premise – but I’ve found that many of the really classic characters are like that. They’re NOT overly complicated and I think that adds to the iconic nature they have.  So far, I’ve read the Brian Bolland collection, the Dredd vs. Death! novel and I’m working my way through The Complete Case Files Volume 5 now.

Not sure what the next Reese Unlimited project to be published will be. Pro Se has Rook v2, Lazarus Gray v3 and Gravedigger all ready to go into the editing and formatting phase so it’s just a matter of what they decide to do first.

Watched the John Carter movie again this weekend — box office be damned, that’s a good movie.

Usually, there’s some connection between the images I choose to go with these posts and their subject matter. Today, not so much. I just like the picture.


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