mila kunisSo I have a few things to talk about today — first off, Episode 41 of Ubergeeks is now live. In this one, Cari & I talk about the Five Scariest Movies and a whole lot more. It’s a fun way to spend an hour, I think!

I’m working on a short 5,000 word backup for Liberty Girl: The Return and then I’ll be finished with that project. Pro Se did their big press release a few weeks back but I haven’t heard a peep of promotion out of Heroic Publishing, which is a bit surprising and disappointing. Hopefully, they’ll at least mention it in their PR at some point — it’s hard to successfully cross-brand characters when one half of the union isn’t saying anything. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the project and hope that the result is a big hit for both companies.

I have a copy of the new Sentinels book by Van Plexico sitting on my desk and I hope to get to that soon. I also plan to read Helmet Head by Mike Baron soon. And Timothy Zahn’s Scoundrels novel. Ack! My to-read list is piling up again.

Once I’m officially finished with Liberty Girl, I have several things I need to work on — my next Rook story, Lazarus Gray volume 4, etc. I also wouldn’t mind getting back to Gravedigger at some point.

And, to make it all worse, I’ve been feeling an itch to do something new, too. That would really gum up the works! LOL I have too much on my plate already.

The photograph accompanying this post is the lovely Mila Kunis. When I spotted it, I immediately pictured her climbing around some ancient Egyptian tomb, in a great pulpy-style adventure. Enjoy!



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