CapActfrntIt’s Friday in Reese Unlimited land and I decided that today I would talk about my Favorite New Pulp Books from 2012. Now, I have not read every New Pulp release from last year — so if you don’t see something here that you really loved, don’t think that I hated it. I probably just haven’t read it yet. Anyway, here’s the books that I really enjoyed from last year, in no particular order:

Captain Action: Riddle of the Glowing Men by Jim Beard

The Spider: Shadow of Evil by CJ Henderson

The New Adventures of Thunder Jim Wade by Various (I have a story in this but that’s not why I’m listing it! All the other stories were great, too)

The Pulptress by Various

Sting of the Silver Manticore by PJ Lozito

Project Alpha by Lee Houston Jr.

Death Angel: Dominion and Death Angel: Dominion II by Mike Bullock

Dragon Kings of the Orient: The Myth-Hunter Volume 2 by Percival Constantine
Go and sample these books — they’re all high quality reading material!


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