Moving At A Glacial Pace

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snoopy-writingSo we’re officially in the swing of the New Year… and there should be lots of exciting things coming from Reese Unlimited this year. To be honest, I’m thinking about slowing down my pace. Right now, I’m working on Lazarus Gray Volume 4 — but I have no solid idea when Volume 3 is coming out. The Rook Special Editions are coming — we’ve seen Volume One released but they still have to do 2-5. I’ve written Gravedigger but I’ve heard that it’s got a “before Pulp Ark” released date, which means March or April. I’m supposed to be getting stories in for Tales of The Rook Volume 2 but I’m already hearing from the writers involved that we’re headed towards delays. Tommy Hancock is supposed to be doing Rook Volumes 7-9 but I’m not sure about the time-frame for those, either. And then there’s my idea of doing new editions of Rabbit Heart and The Damned Thing, which would only add to the logjam at Reese Unlimited. If I were doing all this solo (self-publishing), I suppose I could set my own pace — but I’d also have to do all the work! So it’s unlikely you’d actually get these stories any faster. Even if I decided to stop doing print entirely, there would still have to be formatting for eBooks and so forth.

All of this is my long way of saying that I’m sorry that I frequently talk about things here that you won’t be able to buy or read for a year or more. Them’s the breaks. It’s annoying for me, too. Sometimes my stories for Moonstone take years to appear — and I’ve written things for publishers that never, ever saw print.

Good things come to those who wait, right?

Anyway, I don’t want to be writing three years in the future – so I might try very, very hard to take a step back and slow myself down. I could, of course, take on more non-Reese Unlimited work to force me to focus on other things. But more and more, I feel like keeping my best ideas for myself. It’s one thing to work on something like The Avenger, who is a character I truly love and always have. But to work on characters that I have no special attachment to, when the pay is… well, in some cases, there’s really no pay. It’s work. Besides, even if I write the greatest Crimson Mask story *ever*… what does that mean? It’s still just one story over that character’s history and only a few people will ever read it. If I do the greatest Lazarus Gray story ever, maybe that will be the one that vaults the series to greater heights.

Welcome to 2013, folks.



  1. Yeah it is tough Barry, while the New Pulp market seemed to increase by leaps and bounds, still don’t think it was great in terms of $$$. Still mostly a labor of Love for most. I have only written and submitted a dozen or so stories, but the time they take to get to print, if fact they ever do, makes it tough. Hopefully more people get out there and by more books this year.

  2. No worries. I still haven’t gotten a chance to read Monster Aces yet. Between Thanksgiving, putting out my own e-book and Christmas, there’s just been no time. But rest assured that once the third volume of Lazarus Gray comes out, I am totally buying it!

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