A Bloody Good Year

rabbit_heart_smallAs we slowly approach the new year, all of us are looking back over the past twelve months and wondering what the next 12 will bring. For me, I hope it’s continued good health (I’ve lost 71 pounds this year), much happiness with my family and more writing opportunities. I know I’ve got gigs lined up with Airship 27, Pro Se and Moonstone but maybe I’ll branch out to some other publishers this year – I’ve never done anything for Pulp Empire or White Rocket, for instance, so maybe it’s time to send them a pitch. We’ll see — I have enough projects already lined up that it’s dangerous to commit to anything new.

I recently looked back over the 10,000+ words I wrote on the Rabbit Heart sequel a few years back. It’s damned good stuff but it’s very intense — if you’ve read Rabbit Heart, you might be shocked to learn that this one is far more violent and sexual. That’s why I’ve held back on it. But maybe I can tweak it… maybe it’s time for Fiona to slash her way back onto readers’ shelves (and eBook readers!).  We’ll see… What say you, faithful readers?

Wild Cat Books seems to be mostly out of business — it’s been awhile since they’ve published anything and I’ve seen no announcements about more things coming so any sequel would probably come through Reese Unlimited… maybe it’s time for a reprinting (with a fresh coat of editing) for Rabbit Heart, too?



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