From The Vault: My Favorite New Pulp Covers

A good cover can certainly help sell a book — and a bad one can bury it.

So what are my favorite New Pulp covers? Read on!

Four Bullets for Dillon by Derrick Ferguson. I know some folks don’t like “comic book” style covers for New Pulp books but I think it depends on the quality. In this case, Anthony Castrillo perfectly captures Dillon and I love background. Good stuff and it makes me want to read the book (which I have and it’s excellent!)

How The West Was Weird, Volume Two by Various. A great, fun cover that really captures the feel of the weird west. Everything from robots to dinosaurs to plucky saloon girls. A genuine new pulp classic cover.

Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell by Derrick Ferguson. Another Dillon cover and one that looks completely different from the Four Bullets one. The design by Tamas Jakab mimics an old pulp, with cracking along the edges. I love the design.

The Halloween Legion by Martin Powell. A wonderfully eye-catching cover by Danny Kelly. I love the colors, in particular. This makes me think of Dan Brereton and that’s a big compliment.

Captain Hazzard – Python Men of the Lost City by Ron Fortier and Chester Hawks. I love the retro-look of this cover! Looks like it could be an old movie poster.

The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files by Various. A relatively simple image compared to some of the others but it looks like an old Avenger cover and is very well done. Sometimes simple works.

Pro Se Presents # 7 by Various. Speaking of simple designs… this one, put together by Sean Ali, pops with the color choices that were made. I like it.

Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective Volume One by Various. Mark Maddox delivers a solid portrayal of Holmes and Watson on this one. Again, it is a simple design but the strength of it carries it onto the list.

Green Lama – Unbound by Adam Garcia. Mike Fyles did the cover here and it’s a real standout. Not only is it an exciting cover but the colors chosen make it really pop.

Through the Groaning Earth by Joel Jenkins. Not only is it a great title but Damon Orrell really comes up with a solid cover design. The tentacled horror at the bottom really gets you interested in checking out the book.

There are many other effective covers out there but these are the ones that stick out in my mind the most. Kudos to all the artists and writers involved in their creation!

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