Looking Ahead to 2013

Gravedigger & Mitchell from 2013's Gravedigger novel. Art by Will Meugniot
Gravedigger & Mitchell from 2013’s Gravedigger novel. Art by Will Meugniot

So yesterday we talked a lot about what stories had been published in 2012 — now let’s talk at length about what’s coming up in 2013! I have no idea about dates on any of this, sadly — I’m at the whims of my publishers!


I should have three stories coming from Moonstone in 2013 – a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar tale; my second Avenger story and a G-8 story.

Pro Se

A bunch of stuff! The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 3 – Eidolon; Gravedigger; Tales of The Rook Volume 2, The Rook Special Editions 2-4.

Airship 27

I’ll be doing a Phantom Detective story for Airship 27.

So you should have quite a bit from me stocking the shelves next year.

Our art today is by the amazing Will Meugniot and will be featured in Gravedigger!