Another Day Closer to Gravedigger!

Li Yuchun, one of Gravedigger's agents - depicted by Will Meugniot!
Li Yuchun, one of Gravedigger’s agents – depicted by Will Meugniot!

So the countdown is on! More artwork is coming in for Gravedigger, which is set for a first quarter 2013 release! The exciting story of Charity Grace, who is revived from the dead with a deadline of three years to redeem her soul, will tie together elements of both The Rook & Lazarus Gray. Bringing a whole new level of horror to Sovereign City, Gravedigger is one of the best things I’ve ever written and I can’t wait for all of you to see it!

In addition to the story itself, we’ll have a cover by George Sellas and six interior illustrations from Will Meugniot.

Who says that Reese Unlimited isn’t your best stop for New Pulp goodness?