A New Review for The Rook!

20121031-215900.jpgAn Amazon UK user named “Brother Boogie” was kind enough to leave a review for The Rook Volume One – Special Edition. Here’s what he had to say!

If I ever meet Barry Reese I am going to have “words” with him.

He is costing me money.

Firstly I get hooked on his character “Lazarus Gray” and his associates at Assistance Unlimited.

It was too easy. I came across the 2 volumes by way of a Kindle search for some other book , tried Vol 1, liked it and subsequently acquired Vol 2.

No problem really. Well, until I realised I liked them so much I purchased the printed copies with all those lovely illustrations. They look great on my bookshelf too.

So then I try “Tales of The Rook”. Fantastic. Then Barry brings out “The Rook Volume 1: Special Edition” so I have to Kindle that.

And so on.

Joking aside (but he is costing me money..) “The Rook Volume 1” is another dose of rattlingly good Pulp Adventure from the excellent Mr Reese.

Barry weaves his two fisted prose with just the right dose of supernatural intrigue and threat which I think sets his tales apart from the majority of either the traditional or indeed New Pulp fiction.

It may be easy for the casual browser to pass over The Rook as Barry’s cipher for The Shadow as one could mistake Lazarus for Richard Benson ( The Avenger) but really, these characters are so so much more than that. Max Davies is a terrific multi layered hero and as with all Barry’s books many of the story and character beats will surprise and delight the reader.

“The Rook” has that almost indefinable “can’t put it down” quality and to be frank how many books ( or indeed “Rooks”) can you say that about?

Terrific and recommended.

Thanks so much for the great review! I apologize for taking your hard earned cash but my son’s college fund thanks you 😉 I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my works in the years to come.

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