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pen-nibEnded up coming a bit short on my Liberty Girl word-count so I’m trying to find a way to stretch it out without it seeming like I’m just stretching it out.

Also got back my suggested edits on my G-8 story for Moonstone. Nothing to intense, though they want me to rework the opening, which I actually thought was the strongest part of the story — still, I’ll find a way to make it work. I may not always initially agree with the suggested edits I get from the guys at Moonstone but in the end, I do think they usually make for a tighter and more professional story. They’ve been doing this for awhile 😉

I’ll be working from home next week so hopefully I’ll find time to record episode 11 of The Shadow Fan. I’m currently reading “Cyro” and really enjoying it. The Shadow travels to New Orleans in this one and Walter Gibson’s writing is very fine.

I’ve been feeling the onset of another case of writing blah’s, I’m afraid. Sales are okay, compared to a lot of the New Pulp field, but they’re definitely lagging far behind anything that equates to the time and energy I put into writing these things. There are definitely times I wish I could find the strength to stop writing and just find myself a productive hobby that would be fun. And cheap.




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  1. You’re in a tough spot because you’re at the top of the niche you’ve picked. To grow your audience, the niche needs to grow or you need to expand beyond the niche on your own. Either choice means starting over in regards to developing an audience.

    What you’re left with if you don’t is creating more and more content/product to just sort of remain at the same spot. The secondary problem you’ll find there is at some point the amount of product will out pace the current audience’s demand – think of it as over feeding an aquarium of normally eager-to-eat fish.

    The final thing to think about is the type of projects you take on. In terms of the Heroic or Moonstone work, where the audiences are pretty small, are you bringing in more fans than are being added to your own fanbase? Are those types of projects a waste of time for a guy trying to build an audience of fans for himself?

    Have you thought about playing with packaging on your older work to make it more appealing to new audiences? Trying something along the lines of what is done with current urban fantasy books on the Rook books instead of sticking with the comic book theme? Playing with branding/packaging is one way to help open up the work to audiences that might not otherwise have even paid attention to it.

    Just tossing out some brain farts for you. There are a lot of options for growth in your case, it’s just a matter of having the time, interest or energy to explore them.

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