The Bronze Goddess of Freedom

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Liberty Girl meets the press in a scene from "The Return"
Liberty Girl meets the press in a scene from “The Return”

So yesterday saw my “mystery project” finally reach the press release stage. I’m adapting Liberty Girl Volume 1: The Return into a digest-sized novel for Pro Se. It’s going to kick off their Heroic Prose imprint, which will feature adaptations and new adventures starring Liberty Girl, Flare and Eternity Smith. Once I’m done with The Return, I’m not sure what my next role will be with regards to the imprint — do I have more Liberty Girl tales to tell? Possibly but I also have quite a few commitments that I’d have to deal with first.

I first encountered the Heroic characters long before they had that designation. As an avid roleplaying game, I was familiar with Champions early on and when Eclipse Comics published a limited series based on the game, I bought it. Later on, the characters from that comic series were revived in further adventures and I kept in touch with them off-and-on over the years. I also read some of the things Roy Thomas did for the company, such as Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt & Anthem.

But I found myself very interested in a character they introduced by the name of Liberty Girl. This “Bronze Goddess of Freedom” was strongly intimated to the daughter of a major pulp hero, which piqued my curiosity right away. Some nicely illustrated stories by the likes of Mark Sparacio, Billy Tucci, Daerick Gross and Mark Propst, among others, further cemented my interest. When the opportunity arose to move the character into a new medium, I was excited.

It’s a new process for me — I’ve never adapted something from a visual medium like comics into prose before. I also find it interesting to delve deeply into the psyche of these characters and yet not really be able to move them where I might like. I’m following the storyline laid out in the graphic novel, adding tweaks and subtext here and there, but I’m not controlling the destinies of the hero and her friends.

Ultimately, I hope to introduce myself to fans of Liberty Girl and Heroic… and introduce Liberty Girl to New Pulp fans. If it all works out, it could be a win-win for everybody. My goal is write this adaptation this month — I should be able to finish it up by the end of December — and then move on to the next project.

But there’s a good chance that I’m not 100% finished with Liberty Girl.


  1. Hi Barry!

    I have been a fan of Liberty Girl for sevral years. I am THRILLED that you will be doing a novel based on her. I hope it will reveal some of the tidbits that Dennis Malonee hinted at in his comics. (i.e., her parentage, her marriage, etc.)

    When this novel comes out, we DEFINITELY want to get you on teh Book Cave to talk about it.


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