Another Will Meugniot rough from Gravedigger!
Another Will Meugniot rough from Gravedigger!

So I posted a new episode of The Shadow Fan yesterday and feedback has been good, as always. It’s been a fun show so far.

Work on the mystery project continues — I’m making good progress, as I’m over 4,000 words on it. Working on these kinds of things always ends up making me long for my own original projects, though. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the other stuff but it definitely feels more like “work” than it does when I’m writing Gravedigger, Lazarus Gray or The Rook. I figured I’d be able to name the project by now but there’s apparently some holdup in terms of getting all the contracts back and signed by all parties involved.

It was announced at the Pro Se Shindig II event last weekend that I’ll be writing a Sherlock Holmes novel for Pro Se. It’s going to be part of their digest series and should be an interesting exercise for me. I love Holmes but aside from a brief appearance by the character in The Rook Volume Five, I’ve never written him. I’ll try to capture the Doyle style but I’m not going to be doing a pastiche… this is me, writing Sherlock Holmes. It’s an honor to write the Great Detective and I hopefully won’t wilt under the pressure.

Did you guys notice the Will Meugniot sketch I snuck into the Next Big Thing post from yesterday? Well, here’s yet another — this time showing Charity with her associate Mitchell. I really like the character of Mitchell but I have to admit — as a diehard follower of Mystery Science 3000, I feel the need to add an exclamation point after his name whenever I say it (“Mitchell!”). Joe Don Baker, I salute you!

I’m off to do more work on the mystery project!


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