Friday Fun

The beautiful Li from Gravedigger's crew.
The beautiful Li from Gravedigger’s crew.

So today I officially get started on  my newest project, which is novelizing a graphic novel. First-time experience for me and I hope it goes smoothly. Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes work on Gravedigger continues. I may have finished off the story itself but my two hardworking artists are still doing their parts — tomorrow we’ll get to see another version of George Sellas’ stunning cover design and today we see the lovely but dangerous Li Yuchun, as sketched by Will Meugniot. Next to Gravedigger herself, Li is probably my favorite character introduced in this book. Fearless to the point of foolishness, she wears a brassy smile even in the midst of incredible danger. I’m expecting a lot of readers to be quite smitten with her by the end of the story, just as I was.

I’ve been asked by several folks on Twitter when this book will be out. As with all things in the publishing world, there’s no easy answer. Pro Se has a lot of books in the pipeline (including The Rook Volume Two – Special Edition and The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three – Eidolon). I have been told they want Gravedigger out before Pulp Ark 2013, which will be held in April. So you still have to wait a little while — sorry! But you really do want to read Lazarus 3 first anyway.

Wish me luck on the new project. I will, of course, keep you updated as it progresses.


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