Thursday Updates!

I’ve been a podcasting fool the past few days, as a new episode of Ubergeeks (# 37) was released last  night and The Shadow Fan (# 8) was released this morning. Both shows are doing well, with only  a little bit of listener crossover. For the most part, fans of one aren’t really fans of the other, which is more than fine — they’re designed for difference audiences, after all!

I’d like to thank everyone for supporting this website, by the way — with a couple of days left in the month, we’ve already set an all-time high for hits! When I first started this blog, I was thrilled if I got twenty hits in one day. Now, if I only got twenty hits in one day, I’d wonder if the site had gone down — I get that many hits in an hour now! As with the podcasts, I get interest from a wide variety of visitors — the Marvel Heroic RPG writeups I’ve done in the past get many visits every day (especially Fu Manchu, for some reason), several people come here looking for New Pulp best seller listings and, of course, there’s that strange breed that comes here because they want to read what I have to say!

Today I’m starting work on a licensed project that involves me taking a previously published graphic novel and converting it into a prose novel. That’s a first for me but there should be plenty of room for me to inject new ideas and character bits. Wish me well. It’ll either turn out to be an awesome experience or I’m going to go mad. Or both!