The End

Ah, how I love typing those words: THE END. I did so yesterday, as I finally ended Gravedigger’s first novel. I think it turned out pretty well but the ultimate judges will, of course, be the readers. I was able to work The Rook and Lazarus Gray into guest-starring roles, featured a whole host of Sovereign history courtesy of Tommy Hancock and even managed cameos by a bunch of supporting characters from New Pulp universe — Assistance Unlimited, Inspector Cord and various staff members of the Sovereign Museum all pass through the book. Even with all the tight continuity, I still hope that it will stand alone for those readers who don’t follow the rest of my universe.

Pro Se EiC Tommy Hancock says he wants the book out by Pulp Ark 2013, which means April or earlier. With the story itself complete, we just have to get in the cover and interior pieces (by George Sellas & Will Meugniot, respectively) and then get the whole thing edited and formatted. Given all the books Pro Se has in the pipeline, April 2013 is pretty quick.

Next up for me is a licensed project, where I novelize a graphic novel. Turning it from a visual story to a prose one should be an interesting experience. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to be able to do this project in the month of December and have it finished before the end of the year.

Now I’m off to testify in court — it’s an assault case and I’m one of the witnesses. Fun day, I’m sure.

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