Gravedigger Preview Art

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Today we get our second look at Will Meugniot’s Gravedigger sketches — this one shows Charity shortly after her rebirth, having crawled from the grave. Will is able to capture the moment in a way that seems both spooky and sexy. I’m very excited to have both Will and George Sellas involved in this project (George is doing the cover and designed the Gravedigger costume), as they’re going to ensure that the book looks fantastic — and of course, I can’t forget Sean Ali, who will be doing the graphic design. Talented gents, one and all.

Oh, and after lots of teasing, I suppose I should tell you Charity’s last name, right? I mean, I’ve said she has ties to a  member of Assistance Unlimited and that this is a book that ties a lot of things together, right?

So, what else COULD she be named?

Gravedigger is Charity Grace. If you remember Samantha Grace’s origin story, as given in the Lazarus Gray series, you might even be able to figure out how directly these two women are related….

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