Feeling Kind of Stabby Today. Stab, stab.

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So I’m currently writing the scene where Gravedigger and Lazarus Gray come face-to-face for the first time. It’s close to the 40,000 word mark on the Gravedigger novel and I’ve certainly teased this for most of the book. How will the characters get along? Here’s a hint: there’s stabbing involved.

Gravedigger is a book where I wanted to tie a lot of things together — as such, The Rook is in the first 1/3 of the book and Lazarus pops up in the final third. In between, we get lots of details about the founding of Sovereign City (a good bit of that info was gifted to me by Sovereign creator Tommy Hancock). I think that fans of my shared pulp universe will really enjoy this book — if I can successfully finish it off in November, it’s just a matter of getting a cover done by George Sellas and the interior pieces from Will Meugniot… and then it’s off to the editors at Pro Se.

To celebrate the progress, I’m sharing with you one of Will’s sketches. This is NOT a finished piece but it’s still a beautiful piece of work! the decapitation kind of fits in with a recurring theme of the book — and it gives me a good moment to release the full title of the book: The Adventures of The Gravedigger – Headless. Yep, the first novel is entitled “Headless.” Why? Well, those of you who read the free fiction I posted on Halloween might have a good idea about who the main villain for the story is (though there’s actually several villains and several adventures to be had in the story)… plus, a major character dies early in this novel and he was basically the “head” for the Gravedigger’s organization. Without him, the group is “headless” and in need of direction.

If you’re confused about what I mean by “group,” then you haven’t been paying attention! Gravedigger will forming a network of spies and agents, a la The Shadow.

Anyway, feel free to get excited now.

Because you should.


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