Episode 4 of The Shadow Fan Podcast was released yesterday and I continue to be blown away by the support the show has received from The Shadow community. I’m trying to line up a few guests for future shows but it’s proving to be harder than anticipated. A couple of folks have proven difficult to contact via email and in another case, I’ve been unable to find a contact for an author that I’d really like to interview. In the meantime, I’m going to continue flying solo with reviews and news items concerning The Shadow.

Spent yesterday writing an animation script for The Rook. Nothing may come of it but it was still an interesting experience. It was just for a short 3-minute thing but we’ll cross our fingers, right?

Back to Gravedigger today — I still want to finish this book by the end of the month so I can focus on a licensed project that really should be turned in by January. So busy….

I’ve seen two pencil sketches from Will Meugniot for the Gravedigger book — gorgeous stuff!

Just finished Will Murray’s latest Doc Savage novel. It was okay, certainly not my favorite of Will’s Doc novels but far from the worst, too. It had some very enjoyable segments.