Things. And More Things. A Whole Lot o’ Things.

This is going to be one of those “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of posts, so strap yourselves in!

Recorded the fourth episode of The Shadow Fan Podcast but I won’t be releasing it until next Monday. I just wanted to go ahead and get it done, while the books I was reviewing were fresh in my mind. I’m having a lot of fun doing the podcast and it’s been very well received, which is gratifying.

Got a couple of The Shadow radio show sets for my upcoming birthday – The Shadow: Radio Treasures and The Shadow Knight of Darkness. Each set has 18 episodes on 9 CD’s. Looking forward to diving into them.

Finished off part 2 of Gravedigger last night. My original plan had been to do a novel, divided into three portions. When I finished last night’s portion, I thought about just stopping there and releasing this as a digest, a la The Pulptress book that Pro Se published. Then I’d do two 30,000 word digests a year as opposed to one 60k for Gravedigger. But with my current word count, I wouldn’t be able to use all of the Will Meugniot interior art and the price point would be higher than The Pulptress was. So it looks like I’ll be pushing onward and shooting for a full-sized Gravedigger book. I need to finish this in November so I can start on a licensed project (that should be announced soon) and then on my Phantom Detective story for Airship 27. And then, I need to finish off Lazarus Gray Volume Four. And then, I need to write my story for Tales of The Rook Volume Two.

It makes me tired just typing all of that.

Anyway, I’m about to read Logan’s Run by William F. Nolan. Always loved the movie and I’ve meant to read the novel for years. I actually checked out from the library a paperback that has the entire trilogy in it (Logan’s run, Logan’s World and Logan’s Search), so if I enjoy the first book I might read the whole series.

Our accompanying artwork today is by Anthony Castrillo and comes from The Rook Volume Six.


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