Election Day Madness

It’s Election Day here in the U.S. and I was at the polls when they opened this morning. It was pretty crowded, even though I showed up at 6:50 a.m. I resisted doing the early voting this year because I’ve enjoyed the excitement of Election Day… but I think next time around, I’ll cast my vote as early as possible. You never know what will happen that might prevent you from making it to the polls and I consider voting to be an important part of my life.

Don’t forget that there are a couple of books out right now that I’m an important part of: The Rook Volume One – Special Edition, of course, and Monster Aces. These things make excellent Christmas gifts so order today 🙂

Got a new finished piece of art from George Sellas the other day — it’s for the Iron Maiden story that will appear in The Rook Volume Three – Special Edition, so it’s a ways away. But it is gorgeous! George always does such a wonderful job. I’m including it here today, so you can feel free to Ooh and Aah… I know I did.

I’m also in talks with someone about producing some high-end collectibles based upon a few of my characters. More updates to come… but if you love The Rook or Lazarus Gray and don’t mind spending some cash to show it, you might like the news that I might be announcing soon.

Still working on Gravedigger — I’m about 30,000 words into it and I’d love to be finished with it before the end of November. I have other things that I need to start on and while I’m loving this character, I’m anxious to move past this first book in her series.


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