Friday Fun

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First of all, thanks for the amazing success of The Shadow Fan, my weekly podcast devoted to The Shadow. It’s been downloaded a LOT in just 24 hours and I’ve seen it tweeted and re-tweeted all over the place. The Shadow is such an amazing character and I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a fan-oriented podcast featuring discussion related to him… glad to see I’m not the only one with a pent-up desire for Shadow talk. I have some fun places for episode two, coming next week.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is my Shindig, devoted to talking about The Rook Volume One Special Edition and to Monster Aces, the Pro Se anthology created by Jim Beard and Tommy Hancock. I’ll have a story in that collection and I think it’s going to be a smash hit (the anthology, not necessarily my story in it! lol).

Those of you who are Ubergeeks fans — note that we’ll once again be recording the show on Monday night, so episode 35 won’t be posted until Tuesday of next week. Real life gets in the way of scheduling sometimes!

Work continues on Gravedigger — I’m approaching the 25,000 word mark!

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