Coasted over the 23,000 mark on Gravedigger yesterday. The book itself is split into three acts (Book I, II and III), which all fit together as one novel-length adventure. There’s a bit of time-jumping involved, as I alternate between Charity’s “modern-day” (1937) and some Sovereign events that occur in the 1700s. I think folks will really like this story — it not only ties together all kinds of Lazarus Gray & Rook stuff, but it’s also going to delve into some of the origins of Sovereign City. Tommy Hancock is providing me with some tasty morsels of the town’s “secret history” that will be laid out in this.

Will Meugniot has been reading the story and says he’s very excited about the concept and raring at the bit to get started on the interior pieces. George Sellas, who designed Gravedigger’s look, will be doing the cover for the book. I’m hoping for first quarter 2013 but it might be pushed all the way to the summer since Pro Se is aiming to get The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 3: Eidiolon out first.

Speaking of George Sellas, he and I have been talking about a fun piece that would double as both a marketing/promotional piece and the cover to a special project that I’m planning for down the line. It would really reinforce the idea that my Reese Unlimited stuff is one big universe/multiverse (even the portions of it like Rabbit Heart, which are normally set apart from the rest).  Look forward to more details on that soon.

Oh, and you should stay tuned for some big news to come later today….

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