The Shield (Marvel Heroic RPG Stats)

Joe Higgins
First Appearance: Pep Comics # 1 (1940)

Affiliations: Solo D8 Buddy D6 Team D10

Distinctions: D4 (+1PP) or D8
G-Man Extraodinaire
Fiercely Patriotic
Never Surrenders

Power Sets:
Chemically Enhanced
Enhanced Reflexes D8
Enhanced Strength D8
Enhanced Stamina D8
SFX: Dangerous – Add a d6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by -1. Step up STRESS TYPE inflicted by +1.
SFX: Regeneration – Spend 1 PP to recover your STRESS TYPE stress and step back your TRAUMA TYPE trauma by -1.
Limit: Exhausted – Shutdown any POWER SET power and gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

Super Suit
Enhanced Durability D8
SFX: Take the Hit – Spend 1 PP to take Physical Stress intended for a nearby ally or friend.
Limit: Gear

Covert Expert D8 or 2D6
Crime Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Psych Expert D8 or 2D6
Science Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Vehicle Expert D8 or 2D6

Background Info:
Joe was born to Tom Higgins, a chemist and U.S. agent, in the years leading up to World War II. Tom Higgins died confronting enemy spies before he could complete his greatest work: the S.H.I.E.L.D. formula. Joe finished school and then completed his father’s work. A combination of the super-serum and a specialized suit of Joe’s design turned him into the Shield! Wearing the colors of the American flag, the Shield became the F.B.I.’s top agent, answering directly to J. Edgar Hoover.