Chris Dingsdale left a couple of Lazarus Gray reviews on the Amazon UK site. Let’s see what he has to say!

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray – 5 out of 5 stars

An excellent introduction to the world of Lazarus Gray and his associates.

At first sight this may seem a pastiche of Doc Savage and Justice Inc but author Barry Reese skillfully weaves his own unique take on traditional pulp adventure whilst drawing the reader into an exciting and multi layered adventure.Oh there are lots of pulp elements but possibly not the ones you were expecting.

Exciting and constantly full of surprises Volume. 1 is a sure fire page turner – finish it and see if you can resist an order for Volume 2!

I kindled these books and then bought the printed version. They are that good.

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray: Die Glocke – 5 out of 5 stars

Building superbly on Volume 1 this concentrates on a single epic adventure for Lazarus and associates which carries them across the globe.

Dynamic adventure with tons of character development and hitherto unknown secrets gradually revealed.

Mr Reese – Volume 3 quickly!

Thanks for the reviews, Chris! I like to think that each book really builds upon the last — and you’ll see more of that with Volume Three. I’ve finished all the work on that one and it’s in the hands of my publishers, waiting for a spot on their publishing schedule. Think early 2013! 🙂

The art accompanying this post is from Die Glocke and is by George Sellas!

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