It’s New Crusaders Day! (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying)

For one day only, my site is being turned over to the Marvel Heroic RPG game… so bear with me, pulp fans, because regular posting will resume tomorrow! But for today…

Today belongs to the New Crusaders!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Archie’s Might Crusaders — I have a near complete set of their Sixties appearances, I own every comic from their Red Circle revival in the 1980s, bought almost all their Impact/DC incarnations in the 1990s and I even bought the recent DC versions.

And now they’re back — in Archie’s New Crusaders series! I’m really enjoying it and thought that the group would make a terrific addition to many people’s Marvel Heroic RPG campaigns! They’re mostly a group of young kids, just starting out, so their power levels are low. They’re really below the Young Avengers at this point.

The premise of the current series is this: The Might Crusaders defeated all their old foes, ushering in a few decades of peace. But then their old foe The Brain Emperor returns, attacking the group during a reunion. All of the heroes are apparently destroyed — with the lone exception of The Shield! Now entrusted with guardianship of his friend’s children and heirs, The Shield is trying to forge them into a superhero of their own — The New Crusaders!

Beginning thirty minutes from now, I’m going to be posting stats for the entire group, one member per hour. By this afternoon, you’ll have the entire squad ready to drop into your campaign.