Alex Tyler
First Appearance: New Crusaders #1

Affiliations: Solo D6 Buddy D8 Team D10

Distinctions: D4 (+1PP) or D8
Bad Reputation
Strained Relations At Home

Power Sets:
Burn, Baby, Burn!
Fire Control D8
Flame Blast D10
SFX: Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.
SFX: Flame Aura. On a successful reaction against a physical attack action, inflict physical stress with your effect die at no PP cost or step up +1 for 1 PP.
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress or trauma from fire, heat, cold and physical Stress not caused by energy.
Limit: Doused. Shutdown all Pyroplasmic powers vs. Strong water attack and gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

Crime Expert D8 or 2D6

Background Info:

Despite his best efforts, Alex found himself in juvie with a rap sheet and a bad reputation, leading to a strained relationship with his parents. His uncle, the original Fireball, offered to lend some parental guidance and put him on the straight and narrow. Will Fireball’s efforts pay off or is Alex headed down a dark path?

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