So I figured I’d let you guys know about the status of the Lazarus Gray Origins project. For those of you with good memories, you’ll remember that this was to be a five page comic, detailing the origins of Lazarus Gray and Assistance Unlimited. Each page would be a whole entity unto itself — the idea came to me based on the DC origins they ran in the back of their series 52. Originally I asked Anthony Castrillo to do these pages and he turned in a great series of layouts. I approved them and we were off… I did this back in October 2011. The due date was February 2012. That time came and went, with no further artwork coming in. I inquired what was going on and kept getting assurances that the pages would be in my hands within days or even hours. This never happened.

So I talked to George Sellas about taking over but he felt that the layouts as shown were a little “large” for traditional comics pages. In his opinion, we needed to break some of them into two pages. We talked for a little while, with Anthony briefly returning to say he was still working on the pages but then he missed the next set of deadlines, too….

So then stepped in Mark Propst, who was originally supposed to do the art on The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume One before he vanished off Facebook for a time. In his absence, George Sellas had stepped in and really defined the look of Lazarus in a way that I really, truly love. But now Mark was back and he wanted to do some work for me… so I showed him the layouts that Anthony had done and sent him the script. He said he could do it as laid out — but first he had to finish off some work for DC’s Action Comics.

That’s where we stand now. I have the five pages of layouts done by Anthony… Mark is supposed to take them and start work at some point, but I don’t know when.

If they are ever completed, I think that they may run first in Pro Se Presents, just so you can see them at a larger size… and then they’ll be shrunk and run in future Lazarus Gray volumes as a quick “refresher” for folks.

That’s the dream, anyway.


  1. I think, were they ever to be completed, that having those pages as an introductory frontispiece for future volumes of LG is a damn smart idea. It’d be a neat way to catch up new readers, that’s for sure.

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