First up – my Reese Unlimited imprint.

The next book you should see released is the new edition of The Rook Volume One, with new editing, formatting, cover & interior art (those last two are by the wonderful George Sellas). After that, you should The Rook Volume 7 (written by Tommy Hancock) in the early part of 2013… followed soon after by The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 3: Eidolon. Not sure what comes after that, but I would imagine it would be The Rook Volume 2 (new edition)…. and then Gravedigger. Late in 2013, you should get The Rook Volume 3 (new edition), The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 4: Title To Be Determined and Tales of The Rook 2.

From Pro Se, I should have a story in Jim Beard’s new collection but they still haven’t made the official announcement about that, so I’ll hold off on naming it. That should be coming very soon.

Over at Moonstone, I’ve turned in a second Avenger story and it’s been edited & accepted but I have no idea when it will be published. I also wrote a G-8 story that hasn’t been edited or accepted yet. Whenever their Johnny Dollar anthology comes out, I have a story that will be in that one. With Moonstone, I don’t know any hard and firm dates – sorry.

For Airship 27, I’m sketching out a plot for a Phantom Detective story that should appear sometime in 2013.

I think that’s it… but I’m probably forgetting something.

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