Sovereign City Musings

Work  is proceeding on Gravedigger — I’m slowly introducing the cast of the ongoing series and I’m having fun doing that. In fact, one of the supporting characters that I’ve just brought into the story is already one of my all-time favorites. She’s a spunky kind of character, whose fearlessness borders on the foolish. It’s fun to have her involved — most of my main characters are super-people, in terms of skills and motivation. But to have a “normal” person actively involved is a fun twist. I think she’ll stick around as a major player in the Gravedigger storyline.

At the Shindig get-together last weekend, there was some talk about the long-awaited Lazarus Gray/Fortune McCall/Doc Daye crossover… I’m definitely looking forward to that, though its still a ways off. It was also mentioned that Tommy Hancock is throwing open the doors to Sovereign City, allowing in five new writers (people can make pitches to him). One of those newcomers will be the talented Tom Deja. I’m interested to see what these new folks do with the setting but at the same time, I remain a bit possessive of it. I’ve appropriated huge swathes of it for inclusion in my Reese Unlimited universe and with my own new addition (Gravedigger) coming next year, I don’t plan to leave the city behind anytime soon. On the unlikely event that the project were to fall apart or I was to leave Pro Se, I think my stories could stand on their own — just remove references to other peoples’ characters and replace Sovereign City with another name. It’s a delicate line to walk… on the one hand, you want to be committed to the shared universe, on the other you have to be realistic and know that your stories must stand on their own merits… just in case!

With all that said, I’m loving the opportunity to work in the setting and think that the addition of new writers has the potential to expand the Sovereign City fan-base.

Will Meugniot, who will be doing the art on the Gravedigger book, is currently reading through the story (I’m over 16,000 words into it) and will begin making sketches soon. I might share some of them with you… if all of you want to see them? 😉

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