Finished the Lazarus Gray/Thunder Jim Wade story yesterday. It feels good to be done with it but I don’t have any time to relax — I need to get back to work on Gravedigger now!

As some of you  have already noticed from the two Lazarus books that are already out, there’s an ongoing narrative here — things that happen in one story might have greater impact later on. In Volume Four (which is the one I’m working on now), you’ll see the return of a villain from Volume One in a very different way… and you’ll see the threads left dangling from Volume Three picked up on… and it all leads to more stories down the line. I like to have my characters grow and change — the Assistance Unlimited folks haven’t had anything major happen to them yet, really… not along the lines of The Rook getting married or having kids… but big things are coming and when they get here, you’ll have seen the groundwork being laid in earlier stories. I’m currently in 1937 with Volume Four, so I’m taking my time in moving forward… but eventually we’ll see the outbreak of war and what that means for our heroes.

But that’s way down the line!

Next: more Gravedigger… I’m about 15,000 words into that story. I can announce that Will Meugniot, classic artist of DNAgents and much more, will be doing the interiors for the Gravedigger book! He’ll be working off the design done by the incomparable George Sellas. George is hard at work doing the interiors for The Rook Volume Three, which will be re-released by Pro Se in 2013. George will also continue being the artist for the Lazarus Gray series (he’s already turned in the cover and all interior art for Volume Three). I’m lucky to be working with these talented artists!

Our art today is by Will Meugniot and will be printed in The Rook Volume Five, which will be coming eventually from Pro Se Press.

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