That Day That Comes Before Friday

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I should be typing THE END to the latest Lazarus Gray story today. This one will be the first story in Volume Four, which will probably come your way in late 2013. It turned out well, I think, with some really exciting scenes. I tried to be very fair to the guest stars in the story, as well (Thunder Jim Wade & his crew). Hopefully, readers will get a kick out of it.

Following that, I’d like to focus on finishing off the first Gravedigger story.

Don’t forget to go and put in your RSVP at Shindig — that’s the site where I’ll be spending part of this Saturday, taking part in Pro Se’s promotional party. I’ll be on from 2 pm CST to around 3:15 pm CST, talking about Reese Unlimited and the Sovereign City Project. Please come out and join me!

Finished “The City Destroyers” by Norvell Page. It was good and definitely the best Spider story I’ve read. I think I’m still more of a Shadow/Avenger guy, though. Having said that, I’m about to start Shadow of Evil by C.J. Henderson, which is the first new Spider novel in 65 years!

Our artwork today is by the legendary Will Meugniot and will appear in Pro Se’s new edition of THE ROOK VOLUME FIVE. When that will actually come out is beyond me but I’d guess… late 2013 or early 2014. Still, Esper (of Claws of the Rook) looks great, doesn’t she? Will is one of my favorite artists and it was such a thrill to have him do the artwork for this. He did six interior images in all and they’re all gorgeous.


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